This map shows crimes reported since Jan. 1, 2023. Filter by crime classification:

Asheville's Interactive Crime Map

Tips for Using This Map

Viewing Crime Details

Select a pinpoint on the map and a popup will appear with crime details. To exit the popup, simply select an area outside within the map outside the popup.

Zooming In and Out

Use the zoom controls to zoom in and out.

Navigating to Specific Areas Within the Map

If you're using a mouse, select and drag in any direction to navigate to other areas of the map. (On mobile devices, touch the screen and drag it to the area of the map that you'd like more information on.) You can also enter a specific address in the search bar and select "enter" or "return."

Narrowing Your Search to a Specific Address

To narrow your search to recent crimes around a specific address, enter the address in the search bar and select "enter" or "return."

Viewing the Map in Fullscreen Mode

You can expand the map by selecting the fullscreen option. However, this option is not available on some iOS mobile devices.

Interpreting the Data

This map is refreshed daily to reflect the most recent public crimes that the Asheville Police Department reports. Offense data may take several days to appear. There may be occasions when some crimes do not appear on this map.